Week Commencing 23rd November

Welcome everyone, once again I am very happy to welcome Cardiff Devils GM Todd Kelman to the table.  Whisper it, but I think he nearly enjoyed doing it this week!  He won’t admit it though!  Anyway, lets crack on!

It is the week that Sheffield release Mike Duco and bring in Guillaume Desbiens from the Austrian league, Blaze release Ned Lukacevic and replace him with no one – yet,  Belfast gets set to host the fantastic “Freindship Four” tournament, Braehead Clan enjoy a well earned and very welcome 4 point win to relieve some pressure on Coach Finnerty,  EIHL player of the week is Clan forward Brendan Brooks, Edinburgh are caught up in more controversy, this time at home to Nottingham, and the Manchester Storm win the battle of the basement in Coventry.

As a reminder here are you panelists…


Todd Kelman, 40, born in Calgary, is the current GM (and co owner) of the Cardiff Devils. Arriving in the UK back in 1997 to join the Bracknell Bees, Todd quickly made his mark on British Ice Hockey.

Following three succesful seasons in Bracknell, Kelman joined the Belfast Giants where he went on to etch his name into the clubs history books. He quickly became a cult hero, and went on to play well over 300 games for the club, in the process becoming the all time leader in appearances for the club.

Todd announced his retirement from playing in 2007 (despite playing after this, covering for an injured team-mate) and took up the position of Giants General Manager for the following 7 seasons, before taking up the huge challenge of being a part owner, and GM of the Cardiff Devils in June 2014.

On accepting the new role Kelman was typically bullish regarding the Devils chances of winning silverware, telling reporters “I will be shocked if we don’t win the league within the next five years,” and with Cardiff currently riding high at the top of the Elite League, who would argue with him?


Seth Bennett, is an award-winning freelance journalist and broadcaster. After working for Radio Sheffield for 12 years, Seth turned ‘freelance’ in 2011. Seth has commentated on a rich, variety of sports, and also worked at the London Olympic games for the BBC, and has appeared regularly on BBC 5 Live and the World Service. Seth is an avid sports fan, and as well as hockey, regularly enjoys, Football, Cricket and Rugby”

marc4Marc LeFebvre is the head coach of the Dundee Stars.

As a player LeFebvre, played in North American, UK (Sheffield, Coventry and Edinburgh), France and Holland, playing well in excess of 500 professional games.In 2011 Marc took his first GM/Head Coaches position with the 1000 Island Privateers before moving on to the Dayton Demons where he won the League Coach of the Year award. In 2013 LeFebvre moved back to the UK, accepting an assistant coach’s job with the Sheffield Steelers this soon led to him accepting the Head Coach position in Coventry in 2014, which didn’t work out as well as he hoped. Marc accepted a short-term assistant coaching position in Eastern Europe (MOL Liga) before heading back to the Elite League and the Dundee Stars”

David Simms will not need an introduction to many of you.  From Team Manager of the Solihull Barons, in the late 80s and very early 90s, David accepted the challenge to help set up the Sheffield Steelers in 1991, and has rarely looked back.  Often a controversial figure, David is a speak it as you find it kind of guy, but whose knowledge of British Ice Hockey is second to none.  As well as being the long time front man for Sky Sports Ice Hockey coverage, Dave also appeared in the BBC documentary “The Estate Agent” which captured him in his day-to-day professional life”

Neil Russell is the General Manager of the newly reformed Manchester Storm.  Before landing the job with ‘The Storm’ Neil was the voice of the Belfast Giants for three seasons, commentating on the excellent “Giants Live TV” as well as also hosting and co-presenting Premier Sports excellent Hockey coverage for 3 years.  Neil is a keen, and very gifted cricketer, and led the Northern Irish side Instonians to the league title last season”

Craig Summerton may be better known to some of you by his Twitter handle @block15blaze.  Craig is the author of the very popular blog ).  A very well respected authority and voice on British Ice Hockey, Craig is an avid Coventry Blaze fan since the clubs inception in 2000, and now travels regularly from London to watch the Blaze”

Stuck In the Box:  The ins and outs we discussed a few weeks ago, are now in full swing, Sheffield bringing in Desbiens, and releasing Duco, Blaze releasing Lucacevic, and seemingly set to replace him in the next day or so. Is it a surprise these two guys in particular failed to impress at their respective clubs, they both were bought in, with high expectations and fanfare?

Todd Kelman (TK)  Every year there are players that come in or move teams and big things are expected of them. The truth is sometimes guys just don’t pan out or maybe they don’t fit into the team. You have two good coaches here recruiting players that they obviously did their homework on and it didn’t work out.

You can’t blame the coaches, blame the players for not performing. Fans always have opinions on where guys should play or who they should play with. Players have the same opinions of themselves.

In my 18 years of pro hockey experience, I have never seen a coach release a player who is a great teammate, who comes to the rink with a great attitude and works hard every day. So this is the player’s fault, always. And when players don’t think so, they aren’t looking in the mirror hard enough. It is the same in every profession – you can go to work and get paid and complain when things don’t go your way, or why you were overlooked for the promotion or in our world why you don’t get PP time or PK time or why a team got rid of you when you are clearly one of their best players… OR you can show up with a great attitude, work hard every day and if things aren’t going your way, work harder and if they still aren’t going your way, ask how you can improve or what you can do to get better. Coaches don’t get rid of those guys, they find a way to keep them.

Seth Bennett (SB)   Mike Duco is a player, who on paper looked a perfect fit for the the Elite League. For whatever reason, Duco didn’t work out, maybe it was the adjustment to playing on big ice or maybe it was having to play a lesser role than he potentially imagined. In truth he wasn’t much more than a third line grinder which is below expectation.

Ned Lukacevic was a known quantity and Coventry knew what they were getting. He is a player who thrives in a free flowing game where his responsibility is limited.

 Mike Duco and Ned Lukacevic, both released this week…

Craig Summerton (CS)  I expected more from Duco. A character guy who didn’t play with much character. NHL > AHL > Austria > ECHL > EIHL. Did he have the motivation to go again in the EIHL? Who know but he certainly didn’t do what it said on the tin. Lukacevic on the other hand did do exactly what it said on the tin. Turned it on once in a while. Only wanted to play one way. A player/coach match that was simply never going to work.

Marc LeFebvre (ML)  Every player that is signed over the summer is brought in to fill certain roles. I can’t speak for Thommo or Chuck but looks like they felt they needed an upgrade and weren’t getting what they expected from those players. Every signing is always a risk and sometimes they just don’t work out as you expected.

David Simms (DS)    You never know, there is risk in signing any player. Especially those you don’t see before they arrive (Duco). If it was as easy as just reading resume’s then Freddie Black would be the best GM in the league.  Players you expect to succeed don’t and then some you take a flyer on work like a dream, its part of sport I guess. As far as Duco goes no one here has a bad word to say about him. Nice guy, worked hard but things just didn’t work out as we had both planned.  It proves that resumes are only a small part of the job.

Neil Russell (NR)  I think everyone expected more from Duco. A former NHL’er you’d expect to see walk our league, but as evidenced with likes of Westgarth (very different players, granted) last season, it doesn’t always work out like that. Lucacevic is a good hockey player, saw him play plenty for Fife, and was always a threat…..strange to see he wasn’t able to replicate that for the Blaze.

Stuck In the Box:  There are clubs within the EIHL currently, whose coaches have admitted publicly their players are under performing.  Weber, Finnerty, and Thompson all critical of their players recently. Thompson and Weber in particular were vocal in their own styles of their own players. In turn, are they under pressure from their own bosses to turn things around, soon rather than later?

CS   Here are three guys probably at their wits end simply trying to get their groups going. Each has enough clout in their respective ways to get away with it. More heads might roll but I don’t see it being any of the coaches, just yet at least (the 4 point weekend was massive for Finner who I think is under the most pressure of the three, right or wrongly).

DS   I don’t think either of the two you mention are and I would be surprised if Weber was either. Three experienced hockey coaches who know their trade better than we or those reading this.

There is of course pressure, certainly at our club. The Steelers is the biggest pressure cooker in the league but not pressure to change as many outside would likes to do. I don’t think there has ever been real pressure in Braehead, they are above where they were last year on points out of conference, they have had a horrible schedule out of their rink. I still think end up a point ahead of them and you won’t be too far off.

Coventry is a slightly different one, I think Weber earned enough Brownie points to see him through the year whatever the results are. The bigger question is who replaces him if he leaves. I think they are better sticking with him long term, as are the two other clubs.


Blaze Head Coach Chuck Weber, bottom of the league and under pressure? 

“Not so” says David Simms

TK  Here is the thing – coaching is stressful, far far far more stressful than playing or running a team. You do all the preparation, systems, scouting, analysing then you have to rely on your players to implement all of it. I bet Weber and Thompson are both frustrated as hell, but I doubt either one of them is feeling pressure from their bosses because the pressure they are putting on themselves is far greater and probably all they are feeling and always feel during any season.

They both have won.. ALOT. They are both experienced and they will both be working around the clock to fix the problems they feel they have in their teams. I don’t think their bosses in Coventry or Sheffield know more about hockey than either Weber or Thompson and I don’t think they could find better people to run their teams. There are good teams in this league and all of them are well run and have good coaches doing far more these days than what coaches were doing a few years back.

We all will have periods through out a season when we lose games and play poorly – that is what is so great about pro sports and why this league is more exciting than ever. Because when 10 teams face-off on a Saturday Night, finally after all these years, 10 fan bases, every single week have the one thing that keeps them coming through the doors… Hope. There are no more easy games, there are no nights off and that means that preparation becomes more important than ever.

So when a great coach finds his team not performing, he gets frustrated, and that might be pressure, but it is also passion and a desire to win, which these two guys have in spades.  

ML  This is a results oriented business and there is pressure to perform whether its at a big club or a small club. In Sheffield, I know the expectations there are to win every trophy. in Simmsey’s own words, “we are the best club in the UK”. Tony Smith is a passionate man and has put a lot of time and money into the on and off ice product and from being there he expects results.

I don’t need to go into any thoughts on Coventry as we know what happened last season when things started going the wrong way. 🙂

As for Finner, I don’t know how Neil Black runs things so I can’t comment if he would be putting him under pressure or not. 

SB   Yes – Sheffield have already made one change and there will no doubt be more to come if they continue to under perform. Speaking to the media and expressing their emotions to the fans a key part of a coaches jobs. Weber is more calculated, Thompson and Finnerty are more emotional but the impact is the same. To let the fans know what they have seen is not good enough. 

NR  This is a results based business, and for those “Big Teams”, their owners have high expectations every year, so I’m sure they do feel that pressure. And so they should, as should the players. Fans can accept defeat if they see blood, sweat and tears from their team, but they won’t settle for players not giving their all, and that seems to be what the coaches who have publicly slammed their players, are calling them out on.

Stuck In the Box:  Changing the subject completely, I am off to Sheffield on Friday night, and taking my 8 year old daughter who can’t wait to see Steeler Dan do his dance. Which club has the best Mascot and why?

SB  It is funny I never pay attention to the mascots, but they are a great part of match nights for the kids. I have to say there is no mascot in the league that can match Dan for dance moves.

NR  Clangus is very good at the Clan (bit smelly mind you!)

ML   I don’t pay attention to what mascots are doing what but if they’re entertaining the kids and crowd then they’re doing their job. 

DS  I like that new one at Dundee, the one stands on the bench behind the players in the new suit. He is very good!  10 Sets of fans will give you 10 answers – I of course love Steeler Dan and he is perfect for us. I think a lot depends who is in the costume and how the are directed in their use. I think they all do a good job though.

CS  Daisy says Steeler Dan and who am I to argue with an 8 year old?!

TK  I haven’t seen them all, and every team is probably partial to their own so I am voting for Taz in Cardiff. My favourite opposing team mascot right now has to be Clangus in Braehead – I really need to do my research before these questions because I don’t know what Clangus is, a bison, maybe a buffalo? Whatever he is, I like him, I bet Clangus rocks that rink.

To be fair to all of the mascots, they are all doing a good job and it makes it a fun part of the game night experience. And let’s be honest, they need to be a bit strange to be a mascot – I bet goalies talk about how weird mascots are and that is saying something..

SD.jpeg‘Steeler Dan’ strutting his stuff at play off final weekend

Stuck in the Box:  Before we all sat down today there was a lot of talk and jostling over which EIHL club has the best MNE (Match Night Experience) so come on tell me, which club is doing it best currently, bearing in mind, some of the restraints some clubs have with their own arena’s?

DS   I think you make a good point, what you are allowed to do based on your arena. We can do things at the arena we can’t at Ice Sheffield. I was in Cardiff and see Todd trying to do the same job he did in Belfast – it works but not as well as it did in their arena – I think their show will be terrific in the new building where he can get back to what he did so well with the Giants.

Its also not just about the gimmicks either. Fife do little if anything to enhance their show yet the MNE is as good as you will find because of the people inside the building creating an atmosphere you can’t replicate with gizmo’s.

ML  I can only speak from the introductions as I am on the bench. It is hard to beat Sheffield’s build up to the players coming onto the ice but I think Braehead is right up there as well. I will say this, the best build up to player intros was in the old Cardiff rink. Even as an opposing player I loved it

SB  I like what Belfast do, good music, good show. Sheffield make best use of the big screen and it is an event. John Hammond does a good job at drawing in new fans in Manchester and atmosphere wise nothing right now beats Cardiff. 


Neil Diamond belts out Sweet Caroline.

No thanks” says Question Time’s Craig Summerton

TK  I think different teams do it well and without being able to travel to every away team, it is hard to judge. I have experience with two very different venues and two completely different match night experiences and I take the fan experience very serious and make it the core of our business. I think we do it well in Cardiff, but I would say over the last few years, every team is getting better and learning more each season.

You have to know your audience and continue to find new ways to engage with customers and make it fun for everyone. We are entertainment after all, and entertainment has to be the focus before sport. Not everyone would agree with that, but go to a sport you have no interest in and decide if you would go back based on your experience. The likelihood of the score in the game being the first thing you talk about is very low.

More than likely it is about what was going on around the sport, the experience. Great sporting performances keeps the purists happy and coming back, great experiences opens up your customer base to so many more people.

NR  Pound for pound, for me, it’s my Storm. {a collective groan around the rest of the table follows these words}  Hey listen, the feedback we receive night in night out from travelling fans as well as newbies to our rink, has been incredible! Jon Hammond should be doing this seasons Play Off’s in my opinion, he is exceptional at what he does!!

CS   To answer this, from a fan perspective I ask myself which do I enjoy the most? The answer is Belfast. I don’t like the screaming kids and the free food that flies everywhere but I get it. They have the advantage of a tremendous city and facilities which are second to none but I just like the feel they create in the building and of course the two hockey themed bars. Their fans are most welcoming and I much prefer listening to Volbeat rather than Sweet Caroline or Cotton-Eyed Bloody Joe.

Stuck in the Box:  Talking of comedy figures within the EIHL, Devin Didiomete, reintroduced himself to the Coventry Blaze faithful this week, skating around laughing, sharing banter, generally being a pain in the behind to Coventry and helping his team secure 2 points. The league is a better organisation with people like Deeds in it, isn’t it?

DS  If you can keep him interested, focussed and doing well on the ice it is yes. I like Deeds, a good man but many have come over more interested in their twitter followers than the game. Deeds will be a good signing for Manchester, he is a character but he has to be a good hockey player first and character second …… Or #gonebydeadlineday

ML   For a new franchise like Manchester, I think it is important to have characters like Deeds to help put bums on seats and promote the club. In the UK, it seems the characters/villains are talked about and remembered more than the skilled scorers. 

TK  I saw a video of Didiomete lip syncing Thunderstruck before his first game just sitting in his apartment. I thought it was clever. I love that kind of thing. Good for him, it took me 20 seconds to decide for myself that he is obviously a fun guy and knows that he can be a character.

NR   100%- I love characters. They sell tickets & get people talking. When they’re on the ice, fans are always thinking “something could happen here”. I love/’d players like David Ling/Brad Voth/Paxton Schulte. There aren’t enough characters these days. Deeds is most certainly ones of those!


Love him or hate him Deeds is back in the EIHL!

“Is that ok for you?” Devin yelled at Blaze fans on Sunday night. 

It was certainly ok for his adoring Storm fans!

CS   Yes 100%. I got talking to a guy last Sunday before the game in the pub who told me he’d been to a handful of Blaze games in the past. “I remember that Andre Payette,” he said. Not Dan Carlson, Neal Martin or Adam Calder. “I went to a game a year or two ago and I was disappointed there wasn’t any rough stuff, not fighting but you know, hitting and stuff. It was quite boring actually,” he concluded. I guess that says it all. 

SB  Devin is smarter, older and wiser and in my opinion he helps the Storm. That said, Devin will give Neil and Omar plenty of headaches between now and the end of the season. For him to be who he is he has to walk the line and there will be times where he crosses it. 

Stuck in the Box:  Up in Edinburgh on Friday night, a monumental mess up with the time keeper letting Caps player Craig McCallum out of the box early, we all know what happened then. Credit to Stef Hogarth and his team for sorting it all out. Had it not have been spotted at the time, would the Panthers have been within their rights to request a replayed game? What would have been the correct fix, if any?

TK  It would have never gotten to that point. The player came out of the box early and someone on the Panthers bench would have figured it out if the referees hadn’t. I don’t know if there was someone working the penalty box who got it wrong or if the player just jumped out there, but either way, somebody messed up and the refs caught it.

DS  There wouldn’t have been one once the game had ended – unless Sheffield would have been involved and 2 point Tony would have sorted it. Seriously once a game is over its over. As much as I wish that goal would have stood, credit the officials for making the right call.

ML   Yes they would have but in saying that it becomes a grey area. Do they replay the game from the start? Continue the game from when the “goal” happened? The outcome of the game stands? The league would be in a bad spot PR wise to try and explain what happened if they let it stand. For me, the correct fix would be to restart the game from the time of the “goal” and finish the game from that point. 

NR  Thankfully Stef Hogarth got the call right on the night, and real controversy was averted. I hate sitting on the fence, but I would have to think about this a lot more to give an honest answer to the question.

CS  McCallum doesn’t jump on the ice if he knew he had another 2 minutes of penalty to sit. Did he pay enough attention or was the information not communicated properly to him? Let’s just be thankful it was spotted despite it being a huge shame for the Caps – the last thing we needed was another refereeing controversy.




The Edinburgh Capitals boys involved in another controversy, last time it was no over time in Belfast, this time players getting out the penalty box early!

SB  Of course Nottingham would have been within their rights to request the fixture to be replayed, thankfully I am not having to deal with that scenario. Had an extra skater come on the ice from the bench when Edinburgh scored I think Nottingham would have been told tough luck. For me this again falls into the category of players having to take more responsibility, you have to know when your penalty will expire. 

Stuck in the Box:  As well as Steelers –v- Blaze on Friday it’s also the big Scottish derby game Dundee –v- Fife on the same night, Dundee are in fine form, an easy win for Marc’s team surely?

CS  At home especially I’m backing Marc’s team. He has more difference makers, better goaltending and his group is playing with confidence, something seemingly lacking in Fife at present.

ML  There are only two things guaranteed in life. Death and taxes so definitely no easy wins ever. Fife are looking to turn their fortunes of late around and they’ll be well prepared to play us Friday. It’s a derby game and they will bring a good crowd with them to Dundee. In saying that, things have been going well for us lately and we want this run of form to continue. 


NR  I hope Fife run them ragged the whole 60, then take them to OT & penalty shots! (Stars play Storm on Saturday in Manchester!!!) Marc is doing a fantastic job there & has recruited really well, delighted to see him do such a good job after a difficult period in Coventry last year.

SB  Dundee have been playing really well and have had some huge wins including Sunday against Cardiff. Fife have been streaky and they are a team that really need a win. For me it is a Stars win they have too much offence. 

TK  Never an easy win in those big games between those two teams. Your team’s place in the standings doesn’t matter when you are playing your biggest rival. I would love to experience one of those games live, I bet they are awesome to see. This will be a great battle and as long as it is being shown online, this is the one I will be watching on Friday. Should be a great game.

Pink.jpgDundee chief, style guru and QT panelist Marc “Pinky” Lefebvre faces a tough local derby on Friday night

DS   I hope so for Marc’s sake as he is a good boy and still an agent for the family. No such thing as an easy win for anyone. Small teams beating big teams. Edinburgh beat Nottingham, Dundee beat Cardiff and Braehead beat Sheffield (wait for them to bite!)

We haven’t seen Fife yet so hard to comment. Dundee favourites? Yes I guess they are, but easy win, those days are gone.

Stuck in the Box:  I mentioned Deeds earlier, and made reference to him being a character, who’s the biggest character of the same ilk, to grace the EIHL, tell us about why you have picked him

TK   EIHL – Brad Voth no doubt. I tried to sign him every year when I was in Belfast and now that I am in Cardiff I realise just how popular he was here. He was a big, tough imposing figure during a period when (probably lucky for him) there was no DOPS to keep him a bit more in line. He scored goals, he fought, he crushed guys and in the BBT he was the most noticeable player on the ice every single game.

Had we had twitter and Facebook to promote him in his glory days I think he would have sold even more tickets than he was responsible for. He was great with fans, could entertain a crowd and it was usually worth coming to a game just to see him. And more importantly, he knew it.

Part of being a character in this league has to be longevity with the same club. Fans want their favourite player to stick around for a few years and when they do, especially if they are a tough guy, they are easily the most popular player on the team.

Currently I would list Adam Keefe as the one guy that has become the face of a franchise, which is rare in the EIHL these days because players usually don’t stick around long enough. Adam would go out and fight the other team’s heavyweight, then play it up to the crowd win or lose, he would then be the first guy upstairs getting photos done with kids and probably earlier that week he was doing some sort of charity thing on his own without the rest of us knowing.

The league needs more guys like him and there are probably guys on every team that could and want to do more but maybe think it is too over the top or against the code of the game. To the players wondering about what I mean… I’m telling you – celebrate your goals, in fact over celebrate, we want to see the passion and the excitement you feel when you score – jump into the glass, high five the fans hanging over the plexi, taunt the other teams, chirp opposing players, we all love it.

It creates memories and gives us stories to tell and helps promote the game. No good hockey story over a beer ever started “hey remember that great pass you made to that guy that one time?” They usually are about a fight, or a funny moment, or a great line a player chirped at someone else. Work with us guys – get creative.  I think Zach Fitzgerald is going to be this guy in Sheffield, I really do. I think having Simmsey there to promote him is good too.  It is probably about time we start to associate a player with Sheffield more than we do Simmsey, wouldn’t you agree David? Honk if you love Fitzy – now there is a good hockey story.



DS  Not sure about that Todd!  Lots of characters though. Payette was one when he first came over, became a side show after his first two years I think but he did the job.


CS  Tough to look past Brad Voth, the face of the Cardiff Devils organisation for so many years and as the others have referred to, characters come no bigger than ‘the wild thing’ Andre Payette. However, I’m going to give a shout out to Derek Campbell. ‘Soupy’ was loved and hated in equal measure but one thing he always did was get people talking. Something happened when he was on the ice, for better or for worse. He’d wear his helmet half way up his head, his shorts would almost fall down as he screened the netminder. He’d get you off your seat with a silky move or perfect pass. He’d have opposition fans baying for blood as he went after a player on the final buzzer. He was a little loopy but I loved him. It was just right for him to sign off with a 47 game ban! He was pure entertainment and that’s the business we are in.

ML  For me it is definitely Andre Payette. He has always been a larger than life character on and off the ice, whether good or bad. He is a big reason why Coventry won the grand slam and Newcastle’s playoff victory. Opposing fans/players hated him and he played the role of the villain perfectly.

SB  Big bad Brad Voth for me – he is the man Belfast could have built the whole franchise around. He scored goals and wound up fans and players of every other team. 

NR   I mentioned a few in my earlier answer. From Sean McMorrrow, to Brad Voth, to David Ling, Andre Payette, Ryan Finnerty, Jade Galbraith, Adam Keefe, John Craighead have all been great “characters” that have graced our league. BUT, you’ve asked me to pick one, so I’ll go with Brad Voth. He was tough, he was dirty, he was a huge man that intimidated many players and got under the skin of the opposition. He loved the Lord Mayor of Cardiff tag, and played the whole role superbly well. He put bums on seats although he was never the same after Sean McMorrow dropped him one night in Belfast!

So, that bring us to the end of this weeks Question Time, thanks to the boys for their time again this week and big thanks to Todd Kelman for being this weeks special guest on QT!
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Don’t forget, If you would like to be considered in future monthly editions just let me know, or if you ever want to put a question in for consideration, just DM @DRPLogistics

As usual, hope you enjoyed this edition of QT, and good luck to your teams, whoever you’re playing this weekend.

Goodbye for now

Rob, and the boys!


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