Of sticking together…

It’s time for us to stick together.

Every one of us, time for us to stick our chests out, get our heads above the parapet and remember what makes us a great hockey club.

Each other.
Losing games of hockey is horrible, we all pay good money in the hope, and with some expectation we will win every game we go to watch.

Struggling to score goals is hard to understand and accept, but no one knows this more than the people that are trying to put it right.

This isn’t the time for an idle speculative comment on Social Media, or taking photos of a paused TV screen, when the coach is looking down at his notes and questioning why he isn’t yelling instructions.

Cheap swipes are simply no good and no use to anyone. Social Media can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be the sharpest knife in the draw. Lets think twice before we decide to grab it to put it to use?

This is the time to pull together and be there for the players and the coaching staff that are hurting every bit as we are.

No one should be able to relate more than Blaze fans to the “Hockey Family” ideal, especially in this current time.

We stick together through thick and thin.

Paul Thompson summed it up last night after his side, the Sheffield Steelers, the favorites for the Elite League title, were beaten heavily at home to Cardiff last night
“That’s what real leagues are about” said the ex Blaze coach, when asked about the league standard improving every season

Those are the words of a man who has coached over 1000 professional games of Ice Hockey.

The Elite League is now a hell of a league to be involved with.

Edinburgh is a tough place to go, especially in the first three or four months of the season, so far they have beaten Fife twice, Braehead twice and Manchester Storm, anyone that thought going up there yesterday was two points in the bag, was badly mistaken.

This weekend see’s us go into battle in Belfast twice, and then we host Cardiff on the Sunday evening, it doesn’t get any easier does it?

But we have to do this together, back the boys, continue to support the club and the coach.
Any misapprehension that this guy doesn’t care is frankly preposterous.

The moment we turn on each other, we may as well pack up and go home.
The likes of Marquardt, Pietrus, Noble and Boutin will die trying to take us to a better place, and that’s all we can ask.