Why Theresa May can no longer hide in the middle order and how she must take on the attack we face…

Terrorists if that is what they are to be called are ruining our lives. It’s time for the Government to take decisive action and we shouldn’t be expected to wait any longer…

Our children are growing up surrounded by madness. We are having to think twice about what we are going to do at the weekends or whether it’s safe to go to the NEC or Wembley stadium.  

Our politicians are staring back at us blankly.  

Like 5 years olds faced with a Krypton Factor puzzle. Silence. Confusion. 

We are a country bereft of leadership and those that are meant to be leading us are painfully, embarrassingly short on ideas to fix this black cloud that hangs over our wonderful country and shows no sign of disappearing.  

The political heavyweights we once had have now gone. Dead, retired or finishing their working lives fulfilling a directorship at some bank or other. 

Replaced by this generation of faceless, spineless, pathetic MP’s that were so badly tainted by the expenses scandal amongst other misdemeanours and simply never recovered. The ego’s they literally used to dine out on, gone. Overnight. 

It’s never been the same since. Gone are the statesmen who we once looked up to, believed and trusted. Once they lost the trust of the country they became like us. No different. These people are paid to be different. To think and act differently. They should be on another level, but this new generation of green, unknowns are anything but. The good ones are few and far between. The better ones stand out because they are now simply the exception. There doesn’t seem to be many.  

Terrorism is everywhere and it’s getting worse on a weekly basis. The solution has to be found. 

We are at war, a war that no one seems to know, least of all those in Government that are paid so handsomely, how to resolve, or how to deal with. 

Prime minister Theresa May recently said “Enough is enough” the message back to her in general is a “Sorry but ‘enough’ was a long while ago now”  That horse has not only bolted, but its cleared its fences and galloped away into in another county. 

Theresa May’s famous “Enough is enough” speech after the London Bridge attacks – June 4 2017 

It’s time to take action Prime Minister. Serious action. It’s time to get a grip. Change your human right laws if you need to. But please, hurry up. My 9 year old daughter is asking me why people are crashing vans in to people.  She shouldn’t be. 

You claim to be a cricket lover? Well we have had enough of you waiting at the non strikers end Mrs May hoping for the ‘long hop’ or the ‘half volley’, it’s time to get your helmet and pads on and face the nasty opening bowler.  

The one who spits, torments and bounces you time and time again. The one who swears at you when you play and miss. It’s time to take that guy on.  Enough of hiding down the order and hoping he goes away. He isn’t going away Mrs May. He bowls and bowls and bowls until you stop him. 

When we think back to Abu Hamza. How he was reported virtually on a daily basis by our countries red tops, derided and called out by our nations press – but still left to carry on shouting his poisonous vitriol on the streets of our wonderful capital city.  He was of course finaly extradited in 2012 after an 8 year legal battle costing the tax payer millions of pounds. These things shouldn’t simply shouldn’t take that long. It’s time to make the changes. And quickly.

It’s a throw away statement, a lazy remark maybe, but it’s being heard in most pubs, factories and offices across the country and one that surely bears some resemblance of truth. “Maggie wouldn’t have stood for this”. Now some may not like the mention of the green grocers daughter, but it’s a fact. She would have taken positive action. Instead we are horribly reactive, and relying on pop stars to keep the nations resolve together. It’s got to change and it’s got to change quickly. 

Can a solution be found? How long does this go on for? For ever? When confronted with the Irish situation, John Major bought together the Good Friday agreement and got it signed by all parties in 1998; something most people for so many years thought an impossible proposition. But is such an agreement or solution possible with this enemy we face now. Probably not. 

But why are we, as butchers, plumbers and IT consultants, lying awake thinking about this issue that our children are growing up around.  We are not the ones who should be worrying about finding the solutions. We shouldnt have to think twice about taking a trip to the West End or to go and see Take That in concert.

Where are the big politicians standing up to fix this. Where is this new crop of British political greats that we need so badly, the Thatchers, the Heseltines and Tebbits  where are the up and coming Dennis Skinners, someone his big adversary Margaret Thatcher called a “marvellous politician”. Do they exist any more? Where is the backbone? Where is the courage? Where are the balls?

Nationwide minutes silences and pop concerts are all well and good and helps brings the nations people together, I understand that but what is Theresa May and her colleagues actually doing to put an end to this. 

Words are just not enough anymore. They don’t wash. Solutions are now demanded by the nations people. 

This isn’t about politics. This is about saving our children. 

May’s short reign as Prime Minister has been uninspiring and insipid. This is an opportunity for her to stamp her mark. To create and leave a legacy. For people to actually remember her for something. 

She needs more police on the streets, she needs to invest heavily in the security services, for too long cut back after cut back has been made. It’s time to take immediate action.

Regular cut backs to the Police Force have been breathtakingly ruthless, blamed on a change in the style of crime, and now we are really feeling the brunt of it. 

The association of Police and Crime Commisiners wrote that they were going to be short of £400 million a year after the latest cut backs

Varying between forces, since 2010 staff posts have reduced by 15,500 (19.5%);
By 2020 police staffing levels could reduce to approximately 100,000 – the lowest level since the mid-1970s, and a further reduction of 17% since CSR10;

The funding shortfall could be approximately £400 million in the first year and increasing up to as high as £1.2 billion by 2020;

With fewer people to call on the successful civilianisation of some posts may be scaled back or reversed. Some forces have already identified that officers would have to perform back office functions; and

While further savings in running costs, procurement and ICT can be delivered over the next five years a fundamental reconfiguration of roles will be needed.

Source: http://www.apccs.police.uk/latest_news/budget-cuts-will-radically-change-policing/?cookie_dismiss=true 

There is no pit of money our politians loudly cry and thats generally understood and accepted by many, but what do you do if you really need money?  And I mean really need it….

Well you find it. You go and earn it, you borrow it, you steal it or you cry loudly for help. It’s time for the latter Mrs May. With maybe a little of that fourth option thrown in. 

My solution would be to tax everyone that earns over £70,0000 in the country an extra (small) amount each month, call it a security tax.  

Approximately 1.6 million people earn £70k plus in this country.  Let’s tax them an extra  £30 a month. That will bring in £576 million. Covering the shortfall mentioned above and leaving a little over to cover any administrations costs or to pass on to MI5 to help them out. 

Move things quickly. Those having to pay the tax may complain, but I am sure they can go without one small luxury a month to help their country out until the situation is bought under control.  One less Chinese take away a month. Is it really too much to ask?

Ask them to pay it up front if they can.  Perhaps some will offer to contribute more. Why not? 

It’s £360 a year. A tiny fraction of their £70k salary. Many will earn way more than that amount. 

There should be no embarrassment to go to the country and ask its wealthiest people for help. Not anymore. The alternative, as we have seen over the last 24 hours is that Joe Public will go to war themselves, and that is good for any one. 

If that’s not enough money, go to the richer and take a little more off them. Do whatever it takes to make us safe please Prime Minister. 

Its time to dust yourself off and stand up and do the job you are paid to do, or pass it over to someone willing to make the big decisions. Because Theresa, your country simply cannot wait any longer. 

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