“Fun bus details!”

pexels-photo-319960.jpegFirst of all thanks for everyone who has booked for the coaches on Saturday, great effort, and I am sure we will all have a great day.

Some questions to answer, so here we go

What time will we leave?  Coaches depart at 2.30pm on the dot.

Where do we meet? Please congregate outside Crosbys.  Fingers crossed the weather will be kinder than it is right now.

What time should we meet? Please try and get there for 2pm.  Later in the week, when the numbers are finalised, I will publish lists of who is on what coach.  There will be 2 coaches, a Birmingham International Coach, and a Boudens Coach.  Please don’t get on the coaches before checking in with me, so I know you are here.

When do I pay? Not sure if I will take money on the coach, before we all get on the coach or once we get to Manchester, I will have a think and let you all know.  Please bring cash, and if you can have the right money that would be a massive help

Where are we stopping off? Part of the ticket deal with Manchester Storm is that we will go directly to The Station Pub in Altrincham.  We have a private room booked upstairs.  Its a couple of minutes walk to the rink from there, but you are free to do whatever you want once we get there.  There is no pressure to stay there at all.

Food? Yes, all being well there will be Pizza’s at The Station.  We are still confirming how this will work, and the thought of  feeding 100 hungry Blaze fans fills me with dread, but we will work it out I am sure!

What time will we come back? As soon as the game ends, clap the guys off the ice as usual and head back to your coach please. There wont be time for a post match drink, so bring some with you for the journey back if that’s your thing.

Am I on your list? Now this is the most important bit!  As people book at all sorts of strange times of the day, and by different methods, there is a chance you may have been missed, so if you are not on the list, please let me know.  Also, if you have changed your booking, double check its right for me please.  If your name has a strange word next to it, don’t worry, the important thing is that your name and numbers are correct.  Apologies if your name is spelt incorrectly.  If there is anything wrong here, just let me know asap please.

1 Rob Plaister
2 Laura Fellows
3 Craig Summerton
4 Sam Lewis
5 Sam Lewis
6 Sam Lewis
7 Sam Lewis
8 Sam Lewis
9 Sam Lewis
10 Sam Lewis
11 Sam Lewis
12 Sam Lewis
13 Sam Lewis
14 Sam Lewis
15 Sam Lewis
16 Sam Lewis
17 Sam Lewis
18 Chris Dove
19 Child Richard Badham
20 Richard Badham
21 Richard Badham
22 Child Richard Badham
23 Chloe Bowen
24 Chloe Bowen
25 Child Chloe Bowen
26 Amber Carver Smith
27 Amber Carver Smith
28 Leigh Carver Smith
29 Leigh Carver Smith
30 Megan Hackett
31 Megan Hackett
32 Megan Hackett
33 Megan Hackett
34 Dee Langford (Front Aisle Seat Left Side)
35 Nigel Emmett 1
36 Sophie Lunn
37 Sophie Lunn
38 Sophie Lunn
39 Sophie Lunn
40 Heather Urquhart
41 Heather Urquhart
42 Richard Merkel
43 Richard Merkel
44 Child Richard Merkel
45 Keith Wright
46 Beryl Lawson – behind DL
47 Beryl Lawson – behind DL
48 Holli Clarke
49 Holli Clarke
50 Holli Clarke
51 Ian Meaton
52 Child Mille Meaton
53 Nik Stroganov
54 Emma Eastwood
55 Emma Eastwood
56 Sue Gilbert
57 Sue Gilbert
58 Jason Woodfield
59 Jason Woodfield
60 Lois
61 Lois
62 Remy – DC
63 Remy – DL
64 Emma Eastwood – 2nd
65 Emma Eastwood – 2nd
66 Steve Thomas
67 William Matterson
68 Child Lorrence Matterson
69 Ami Louise Tarry
70 Ami Louise Tarry
71 Child Ami Louise Tarry
72 Briony Hockton
73 Briony Hockton
75 Steve Coulston
76 Michael Fitzpatrick
77 Child Coach Kevin
78 Coach Kevin
79 Coach Kevin
80 Coach Kevin
81 Coach Kevin
82 Amy Roberts
83 Amy Roberts
84 Coach Kevin
85 Adam Gurney
86 Adam Gurney
87 Nigel Emmett 2nd person
88 Coach Kevin – 2nd booking
89 Coach Kevin – 2nd booking
90 Mark Burbury
91 Mark Burbury
92 Mark Burbury
93 Child Mark Burbury
94 Sam Leach
95 Sam Leach
96 Alice Murphy
97 Alice Murphy
98 Chloe Bowen – 4th person
99 Heather Price – EE
100 Fliss Lloyd (Front seat next to Dee)


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