Over? It hasn’t even started yet!

Not over, not over, not over yet….

The headline doesn’t refer to the 2007 classic* performed by Grace, but of course to the Elite League title race.  One glance at it and it confirms that it’s getting awfully tight at the top.

(* arguably)

We are now entering squeaky bum time. Of that there is no doubt. This is where coaches earn their money.  This is where the big players must show up and the smaller players must become bigger players.

A handful of points separate the three teams vying for the top spot.

Cardiff 49 points from 32 games.

Belfast 46 points from 33 games.

Sheffield 44 from 31 games.

Cardiff are quite rightly red hot favorites to win the coveted title.  They have led the league from mid-October and are cemented in the driving seat, for the second times in two years it’s their trophy to lose.


Cardiff GM Todd Kelman, hoping for more silverware come the end of the season.


The whole organisation in Cardiff will have learned from last year, from the cleaner to the Head Coach to the owners.  From the players to the media guys to the hot dog seller.  No one will want to go through that experience again.  Take one game at a time, will surely be the adage in South Wales right now.

Nottingham, surely out of the title race, despite a recent impressive rally and historic continental cup success, are clinging on for dear life to the coat tails of the three clubs above them in the Elite League.  But whilst in all seriousness they are probably out of the race for the Elite League they will surely influence where the Elite League Trophy ends up this season?

Of the 22 games left in the Panthers season, 45% (10) are against the top 3 teams in the league.  Perhaps significantly in the silverware race, they play Cardiff four times, whilst they come up against Sheffield and Belfast three times.

Twice they will take on their bitter Yorkshire rivals at home, whilst they play in Belfast twice in a double header in March which is the beginning of a 5-game run away from the National Ice Centre.  Can Nottingham win the Elite League, surely not, but can they influence where it goes?  You can bet your last pound on that.

Belfast Giants, a fantastic organisation, are right in the mix and currently sit in second place.  With Derrick Walser, not only do they have a capable guy at the helm, but probably the best D man in the league.  They are consistently impressive, and are a fantastic unit away from Belfast.  Walser can take his guys very close, their final two games of the season are in the Welsh capital, a mouth-watering prospect or potentially a huge anti-climax if Paul Thompson and his Sheffield charges have their way.


Derrick Walser, arguably the best defenceman in the Elite League, but can he steer the Belfast ship to the Elite League title?

Thompson finds himself the odd one out of the three coaches chasing for the League title.  Firstly and significantly perhaps he is the only non-player coach chasing the title, and secondly of course he is the only one to have won it before as a player or a coach.

Knowing how to win a league title in any sport is a ‘leg up’ straight away.


Are third place Sheffield ready to pounce?

Thompson has been harder than ever on his team.  Tyler Mosienko was allowed to leave Yorkshire without barely a whimper.  Jesse Schultz was then released and not replaced as of yet, with the finger pointed at a lack of secondary scoring being the reason, despite the Canadian going at very nearly a point a game. Thompson was probably making a point to his team.  Forget the fact the Schultz release was after losing to arch enemies Nottingham, the ex-Blaze Coach was making a statement.

By releasing Schultz, he was instantly putting more emphasis on his forwards, more responsibility and more accountability.  It could very well turn out to be an absolute master stroke.

Should the Yorkshire club make it three league wins in three seasons, not many will point to the 30th December when Schultz was released and say, “that was a pivotal point in our season” however Thompson may well do?

As previously mentioned Paul Thompson has one thing over Andrew Lord (Cardiff) and Derrick Walser (Belfast) – he knows how the Elite League is won.

He knows what it takes. He knows what to do and when to do it.  Not only does he know what to say, but he knows when and how to say it.

In his post-game interview after the epic overtime win in Coventry last Sunday, Thompson perhaps deliberately, left it until the end to say his most poignant words:

“We are coming, I like where we are right now, we are a team who are very experienced in being in the position we are, and we are getting better with it.

Words of warning maybe to anyone in listening in South Wales?

One thing is for sure, this League title is far from over.

Take it away Grace.

Not over yet

Author: Rob Plaister


Of sticking together…

It’s time for us to stick together.

Every one of us, time for us to stick our chests out, get our heads above the parapet and remember what makes us a great hockey club.

Each other.
Losing games of hockey is horrible, we all pay good money in the hope, and with some expectation we will win every game we go to watch.

Struggling to score goals is hard to understand and accept, but no one knows this more than the people that are trying to put it right.

This isn’t the time for an idle speculative comment on Social Media, or taking photos of a paused TV screen, when the coach is looking down at his notes and questioning why he isn’t yelling instructions.

Cheap swipes are simply no good and no use to anyone. Social Media can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be the sharpest knife in the draw. Lets think twice before we decide to grab it to put it to use?

This is the time to pull together and be there for the players and the coaching staff that are hurting every bit as we are.

No one should be able to relate more than Blaze fans to the “Hockey Family” ideal, especially in this current time.

We stick together through thick and thin.

Paul Thompson summed it up last night after his side, the Sheffield Steelers, the favorites for the Elite League title, were beaten heavily at home to Cardiff last night
“That’s what real leagues are about” said the ex Blaze coach, when asked about the league standard improving every season

Those are the words of a man who has coached over 1000 professional games of Ice Hockey.

The Elite League is now a hell of a league to be involved with.

Edinburgh is a tough place to go, especially in the first three or four months of the season, so far they have beaten Fife twice, Braehead twice and Manchester Storm, anyone that thought going up there yesterday was two points in the bag, was badly mistaken.

This weekend see’s us go into battle in Belfast twice, and then we host Cardiff on the Sunday evening, it doesn’t get any easier does it?

But we have to do this together, back the boys, continue to support the club and the coach.
Any misapprehension that this guy doesn’t care is frankly preposterous.

The moment we turn on each other, we may as well pack up and go home.
The likes of Marquardt, Pietrus, Noble and Boutin will die trying to take us to a better place, and that’s all we can ask.


Of…Danny Stewart, Dundee Blaze, TV and the Altrincham Ice Dome blind spots…

So it’s here…

The Blaze season starts in earnest on Sunday with the Nottingham Panthers visiting the Skydome for the Challenge Cup, and the first competitive game of the season.

The Challenge Cup is a competition the Blaze have failed miserably in over the last few seasons and it’s something Danny Stewart will want to put right.

Writing prior to the Cardiff ‘friendly’ on Saturday I am loathe to tempt fate, but the Blaze are expected to be at full strength on Sunday.

Stewart has handled his roster admirably over the last couple of weeks. Leaving players out that needed to be, such as Cowley, Robinson and Noble, seems to have worked a treat.

Then not forgetting giving Brian Stewart a rest, and Renny getting the start in goal on Wednesday, in hindsight was a genius idea and one I don’t think many (including myself) saw coming.

Danny seems very confident in knowing how to handle his players, a clear indication and reference of this was the decision to let Marc Cantin play two games in his first 24 hours in the country, something many coaches may have backed away from.  Cantin wanted ice time and Stewart let him play.

Danny Stewart opted to rest Brian Stewart on Wednesday

It looks an exciting time for Coventry, James Pease and Danny have recruited well and with some luck we will improve greatly on last season. Let’s not get carried away, we will lose games, but it looks like we are going to have some fun for the next 8 months.

Dundee Blaze…

Many Blaze fans will be keeping a keen eye on the results in Dundee. Popular ex Blaze coach Marc LeFebvre may not have had the finest experience in his coaching career in Coventry, but he learned valuable lessons in his time here and certainly made lots of freinds.

I don’t think there is a true Blaze fan that doesn’t want ‘Favor’ to continue to do well with the Stars and after a promising first season with the Scottish club he will be looking to improve again.

LeFebvre of course has recruited two of the most popular ex Blaze players in recent seasons in Cale Tanaka and Craig Cescon.

Whilst it was maybe the right time for Cale to move on after 3 seasons with the Blaze, Cescon’s single season in Coventry never seemed enough for this writer.

A tough uncompromising character on the ice, and then the most amiable, funny likeable guy off it, I would have had Craig back in a heartbeat.

Craig Cescon, a former Blaze favourite

Tanaka and Cescon will quickly become favourites in Dundee and that can only be a good thing for the best dressed coach in the league.

TV or not TV – that is the question…

Elite League Chairman Tony Smith this week confirmed that the TV deal with Premier Sports has now finished and no contracts have been signed for the forthcoming season with the pay per view channel.

Every business has a worth and if the two organisations (EIHL and Premier Sports) just can’t work out a deal then it’s a shame but life goes on.

I know for a fact it wasn’t for the want of trying from the EIHL point of view. Many options were discussed but headway just could not be made during negotiations.

To quote someone involved  I spoke to yesterday “It’s very sad”. A short sentence but pretty much sums things up.

Aaron Murphy and Paul Adey working for Premier Sports

What I would add that knowing the guys involved from the League point of view they will be (they are) looking at a variety of options, and I don’t think British Ice Hockey will be off our screens for a long time.

If the league had undersold itself, or done a deal that wasn’t right for its member clubs they would not only have been doing a miservice to its clubs, but also to all of the fans who pay to watch Elite League Ice Hockey.

Storm coming maybe, but let’s be able to see and hear it…

Wednesday nights match up in Manchester was a cracking game first and foremost. Every fan will have gone home happy that’s for sure.  I just hope the owners of the rink start to back up the hard word of Neil Russell and his team.

Now the Altrincham Ice Dome isn’t the Sheffield Arena, I get that. But surely you have to make the best of what you have?

There are screens dotted around everywhere in the rink to back up the blind spots from where you sit. None of the ones facing the our side of the rink were working / turned on. Very frustrating.

For those that haven’t been to Manchester, there is a massive blind spot from where away fans sit (and I assume it’s the same all round the rink) which provided a comedy moment of sorts, when Robin Bergman scored a goal immediately after Blaze won the second period face off.

Boutin sent the puck to the left wing and Bergman shot home. Blaze fans were oblivious to this, we only realised we had scored when the players skates back to the bench!  Had the screens been working we could have seen the goal.

Altrincham Ice Dome

The sound system needs work too, muffled goal scoring announcements made it sometimes impossible to hear what was going on.

The was every reason last year to reserve comment, and what Neil Russell has achieved thus far is fantastic, but it’s time for the rink owners to back the club and make some investment to give Jon Hammond (how much energy has he got!?!) the best tools possible, and to present the Storm fans and visiting fans with the best experience possible.

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Of airport bus transfers, a well dressed gay guy and a moron….

The plane journey was innocuous. I slept half of it. Day dreamed the other half. My wife and daughter were sat behind me. Late evening flight, so we just want to get to our hotel and get bedded down for the night. In a previous life it would have been drop the bag and straight out on the town.

Plane lands and as we are at the front we are first off. The annoyance of an Airport connection bus awaits us. Damn things.

We get on and wait for it to fill. Quite a good place to people watch if nothing else.

Couple of lads get on, one about 6’5 and heavy set. About 35. Scruffy. Not your typical holiday maker. His mate is older, even scruffier. Smaller. Thick grey hair.

There is a guy who boards the bus with a really nice suit on. Young guy. 20-21 maybe. Suit is immaculate. In fact he is immaculate. Maybe Hugo Boss I wonder?  The grey haired chap is amused by the Boss wearing guy.

“What is is mate a fucking job interview?”

3 feet away from my 8 year old – classy.

The youngster sighs a reply “No mate just came straight from work”

Grey haired oaf retorts, and in doing so it all makes sense “We are Albion, playing Mallorca tomorrow ain’t we?”

Suit wearer gives a sympathetic smile and says “Oh well enjoy that”

“Are you Albion?” Comes the quick response. I am no CID chief but I have worked out this guy has had a few beverages. I am guessing his holiday started a while before mine.

I feel a bit sorry for the youngster, the coach is still filling up, he doesn’t want to converse, and he doesn’t want to piss off a drunk football fan with a giant as a mate, who bizarrely hasn’t said a word. The mute giant. Or mutant giant?

The reply is short, but there is a tremendous element of incredible self belief about it, cockiness maybe, I drop my head when I hear it for fear off the Albion fans response, but I am ecstatic at the same time “No, I don’t care too much for football, I am here with my boyfriend for a nice relaxing chilled weekend”

There is a stunned silence from Grey hair that seems to last a while. My dropped head now has a smug smile on it. “That’s ballsy, good lad”

The Albion fan reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small bottle of red wine and takes a gulp. It’s one of the kind that you buy on a plane. Revolting probably, but this guy is no connoisseur, that is for sure.  He necks the lot. Still no answer. Deep in thought he is. Trying to fathom an answer. Not sure if he is searching for humour. Breath hopefully.

I look to my wife, I don’t think she is really listening, she has arm around our daughter and is seemingly miles away, probably considering our plans for the next few days.

The drunk grey guy makes his next move. He has decided to ignore the suit wearers bold coming out statement, and gets off the coach. But he doesn’t go far. He has  decided to instruct people this is the coach for the airport.

“All aboard, on you get, we are Albion. We are all Albion, on you get”

Are we?

He is pointing to the bus as if people can’t see or know what this huge thing is. The guy has reached cretin status.

The holiday makers smile nervously at him, apologetically almost. In this situation someone would normally use the expression “His mom loves him” but they don’t probably because right at this moment she probably doesn’t.

He gets back on the bus. I notice a drink spillage stain down his top. “Hope thats red wine” I devilishly think, before quickly realising it’s a Star Wars top which wouldn’t be of any value, unless sentimental, and I don’t think this idiot has much sentiment.

He has had a think and now starts with a new change of tactic to piss everyone off even more, he obviously thinks he is funny – at the moment he is the only person in the world that has that opinion

“You know what this is (he refers to the delay) don’t you” he asks no one in particular, he quickly tells us of the answer “They want our fucking passports back, well we are in English and we voted to keep the fucking things”

Not sure if he means the authorities in Mallorca, Angela Merkel in general, in fact I have no idea what he is talking about. I need my bed, it’s 1am and Albion yob is getting political – I think.

He continues like a drunk scruffy Nigel Farage who has been on speed for a week “Well we voted to come out because of tossers like  this, now they don’t like it. Fuck em”

The bus is now full. It pulls away and snakes it’s way to the terminal. Albion man is swaying. Searching for his little bottle of vino.

Never before have I been so relieved to feel a bus move.

Weat Bromich Albion play Real Mallorca at 9pm tonight. Good seats are still available.

A fresh start for the Coventry Blaze 

It was the 27th April when we finally announced Danny Stewart as the new coach. As much as I am a volunteer, I still see him as a boss.
There is something about Stewart that scares me. Not in a bad way. But when I see his number on my phone, I sit up. When I see his email address pop up in my inbox, it gets opened straight away.
It’s the way it has to be. Paul Thompson is the same. Numerous times I have had David Simms on the phone to me, only for him to cut the call short as ‘Thommo’ is calling him. Panic sets in the Brummies voice as he yells “Got to go Thommo is trying to get me” and the phone goes dead. He doesn’t even say goodbye!

All of sudden, I am completely insignificant to Simms. Or less significant then I ever was! But that’s the way it should be, its respect to his boss, his Head Coach.
From day one, Stewart has impressed with his attitude and clear thinking. Obviously this is a guy who will be nobody’s fool. Everyone in the Blaze camp will be certain of that, if they are not now, then they will be in the future.

From the fans to the players to the owners, everyone will be clear Danny is in charge.

Stewart is here to to compete, he isn’t here for a good time. He isn’t here as a stepping stone to something bigger or better, he is here to try to get the Blaze back to their rightful place within British Ice Hockey.

The Coventry Blaze are simply not an 8th place team. That was unacceptable to every fan that paid their hard earned money to watch the boys. Its Stewart’s job to change this, and it starts from the top down.
The words “compete” and “being competitive” are words fans will get sick of. I expect Stewart to use them in every Media Conference we do. But they are important words, and the roster is built with this mentality this in mind. We will compete. We have to compete.

The roster Stewart has put together has been impressive from the outset, its easy to get carried away with new signings, Elite Prospects only tells a fraction of every players story. Every player has filled a spot, and every player has their part to play in the system and structure.

It’s seemingly a completely different set of thinking to last years recruitment.  In retrospect, that’s great news.

Stewart has been thorough, patient and clever with the players he has put together. Today’s 5pm announcement goes further to prove this. I tweeted the other day about “their being only one Mike Egener”. Well Danny has found another one. A younger, quicker one – no offence Eggie.

Last season left a lot to be desired, let’s not pull punches. Let’s shoot from the hip, it finished in tears and at times, there were occasions through the season, where there was many a puzzled face. Lessons have been learned and the decks have been cleared. We start again. A fresh start for everyone.

It takes a brave, nay, stupid man to stand up and say, this season will be different. But I guarantee this group of guys that the feisty Canadian has put together will die trying to be the best. And that is all we can ask and all we can expect.

I am off to Mallorca with the girls tonight. A few hours after the new and final import is announced. How’s that for timing?

See you all soon.



Of Dads, Hockey jumpers and my worst week of every year…

I guess my story is the same as many, but today seems a good a day as any to share it.

My old man was a special guy, I suppose many say that, but he truly was a wonderful man.

I sometimes have a bit of an edge to me, a little bit of nastiness maybe, pushy, cynical, I can be over sensitive, I can over think and get anxious, I always think I know best even when I don’t.  My Dad was never like that; I can’t remember him ever saying anything particularly bad about anyone.  That’s not rose tinted spectacles, its just fact from what I remember and recall about him.

He didn’t like Villa fans much, but nothing worse than the odd “not them again” comment or something similar.  I think he lost his cool with me just the once.  Mom and Dad found out I had been shop lifting ‘Subbuteo’ stuff from Beatties in Solihull when I was around 13, I think it was a Norwich City team that I had had my eye on for a while and some corner flags and bright orange adidas tango balls – the ones they use in the snow?  Either way it wasn’t worth me taking the chance, however badly I needed them to complete my astro-turf pitch.

You don’t go out with 3 quid to your name and come back with £20 worth of stuff and get away with it.  At least you shouldn’t do.  I let him down that day, and he let me know that.  He didn’t shout.  He didn’t rant or rave. He just didn’t talk to me.  Completely blanked me for days.  My mom told me he had cried when I had gone up to bed that night.  They made me take it all back to the shop and apologise to the store manager.  Imagine that.  I learned my lesson.

Dad, some-what predictably took me to my first Hockey game.  A cold, damp, but raucous and energetic Hobs Moat Road to watch the Solihull Barons play in the British Hockey League in 1987.  A colleague of his at Solihull Council was backing up the regular net minder David Graham and invited anyone that wanted to go along from the office to see him sit (presumably) on the end of a bench looking bored and laden with heavy equipment for two and half hours. Clip boards and curious statistics were not the duty (Dan Green style) of the back up’s in those days, indeed I am not even sure if turnover’s and plus / minus stats were in the British game back then?

Dad loved Hockey.  Loved it and was passionate about it. He didn’t get involved like his pushier son (see third paragraph) but loved it just as much as I do now. By the late 80’s we were going regularly and now presumably paying to get in.  I think it’s still the same entrance fee now as it was back then in Solihull!


The two of us in 1975 – note the Dave Schultz type moustache!

For anyone that was around Hobs Moat Road at that time will tell you, it was a special time.  The Barons were not particularly good, but the 89/90 season was a special one – we rallied late that season and somehow made the play offs (boy that sounds familiar!)

Hockey back then was 3 imports and in Sapergia, Chartrand and Shudra we had 3 of the best in the league at that time.  The rest of the side was average, and average at best.  Shudra was an Adonis in his first season in this country and obviously carried on in the same vein in Sheffield – at Solihull he rarely (if ever) left the ice.  I still have vivid memories of him going behind the net and leading the rush.  Fast, strong, skilled.

Sapergia, well, as David Simms will tell you, Brent was one of the best to ever play the game here.  Chartrand doesn’t need any words. 3 legends in the same team.  As a hockey fan, that was a good time to be around.

I remember standing in our normal spot, on the back bench to the right of the home bench.  I would need a wee (I was 13/14 years old) , and hold it and hold it until I could wait no longer, which is when I would leap off the bench and run as fast as I could to get to the toilet to get the job done and get back.  Hoping and praying the referee would call icing or there would be a dodgy offside.

There was no mistaking the sound of a Barons goal, and my worst fear was missing one.  Games back then were typically 8-5 or 7-6 most nights.  Don’t forget we had Solihull Council net minders.  I missed a few goals in my time, and went back with many a damp patch at the front of my jeans.  Was it worth it?  You bet it was.

Dad used to wear the same jumper to every game.  He purchased a bright red V Neck Jumper from Marks and Sparks and then invested in a big Barons cloth badge from the merchandise table and took both articles to Mom and presented them to her.

“Don’t be stupid David” Mom protested “You need to grow up a little bit, this ice hockey infatuation is getting out of hand” she continued.  Words I still hear to this day in my house come to think of it.

She relented in the end, and got the sewing kit out, and on the big round badge went. Slightly ‘skewwhiff’ but on it went all the same. Dad never went to a game without it on. An hour before we were due to leave, he would go upstairs and put it on.  Proud of his jumper he was.  It was certainly one of a kind. Original.  I wish I still had it, it would be on my wall next to my Ginand and O’Marra shirts.

The next few years were pretty bad financially for the Barons.  The monster that was the Sheffield Steelers was born and Messrs Wood, Simms, Thompson and Shudra cleared off up the M1 to the bright lights and an 8000 capacity arena.  Unthinkable at the time that Arena was.  The word monster is not used lightly.  Sheffield completely changed the game here in the UK.  Ripped it all up and changed all the boundaries.

We still went to Solihull, who had now dropped down a couple of levels.  Instead of Ron Shudra, we had Ian Pound, instead of Brent Sapergia we had Jimmy White (not the snooker player although “The Whirlwind” may have been just as good). Amongst the disarray Stevie Chartrand had managed to escape to France for a season and in his place we had a lovely guy called Dan Sweeney who replaced him.  Sweeney was a top guy, always stopped for a chat during the traditional Solihull post game skate around. It would take him an hour to leave the ice, as he always had time to speak to everyone.  Constantly giving bits of kit to adoring fans, he would leave the ice with hardly anything on.  No wonder the club never had any money with Sweeney not being able to say “Sorry guys I need to keep that”

For various reasons, Dad stopped going soon after this season.  But always kept an eye on the results.  Curiously he continued to wear his jumper round the house, and also in the garden when he was tending to his flower beds or lovingly mowing our torturous three quarters of an acre long garden.  I think it was because it reminded him of so many great nights. The jumper had a smell. He loved it. He was wearing it the night he shouted something to Shudra as big Ron nestled down for a face off down by us, Shudra looked up smiled and winked at him “Did you see that Rob, Ron heard me” Dad was like a little kid, nudging me, pulling at me arm to get my attention “Yes Dad, I saw it” I smiled.  Dad was my hero.  Even Ron Shudra seemed to like my Dad and I adored him.  Adored them both come to think of it.

Its my Dad’s birthday today and he died two days after it. He would have been 71 today. I miss him every day and I don’t mind admitting that I am bitter that Vicky (my wife) and Daisy (daughter) never met him or knew him, but I guess that’s life.  Therefore this week of the year, can be tough for me.

I was at the hospital with him holding his hand when he passed away.  Our last moment together was me telling him I would get him home soon.  He didn’t have the energy to reply.  Just rolled his eyes at me and smiled.

That’s the abiding memory that I carry with me of my wonderful Dad, but the ones I have shared above are not far behind.

Of shots, and shot counts…

Reflecting on last nights Coventry Blaze victory against Sheffield.

Lots of words from the Sheffield camp regarding being mugged, and finger pointing to the mythical shot count scoreboard in the Sky (Dome!).  You know that shot count board that decides the game.  It doesn’t matter how many go in.  The same shot count board that establishes if you win the league or make it to Play off Final weekend; after all, its the number of shots that win you the game – isn’t it?

Of course it isn’t.

Shots are a fair reflection of the game, in football you would use a possession stat to prove this point.  I concede to that. But speak to any football manager about that possession statistic and they will tell you, its one of the biggest nuances in the game when it comes to trying to equate it with winning a game.

Go to Leicester City and ask the “Tinkerman” how his side are top of the Premier League when they consistently, give up possession, and are content without it.  They are happy without it. Sometimes they don’t even want it!  I digress, this is hockey.

The big surprise from last night for me, is the shock from Sheffield that they had so many shots and failed to win a game of hockey.  Its well known Blaze don’t take a lot of shots, but also well known we are happy enough taking less than 30 shots and still remain confident about winning a game of hockey.

Defensively, on our night, there isn’t a better side in the Elite League.  Yes, Stewart is a superb netminder and he gives us a chance to win.  But if you are a coach without one of these types in your net, you have been unlucky with injury (Paul Thompson) or you have recruited badly (No need to fill in this bracket is there?)

Any netminder can stand on his head and shut a team out.  Holt in Braehead, as average as he has been, has been our nemesis this season and done it to us.  Bowns, Murphy, Wiikman, Brown the list goes on of netminders who can shut teams out on any given night.

Pointing at Stewart and moaning he is too good is scraping the barrel a bit.  There is no hiding we can and do ‘ride the guy’ (tip of that hat to Paul Wheeler, I accept that point now) at times, but let me show you Ross Venus’s legs and you will see it wasn’t just big Brian stopping the shots that won us that game last night.  Michael Quesnele came off the ice last night and looked like he had ran three marathons with a heavy back back on. Jordan Pietrus, would skate through a wall if he had to for Brian Stewart.

‘Stewie’ is our last chance saloon, yes, but there are plenty of guys in his bar ready to put their pints down, stick their chests out and defend that same bar.

Was it really such a surprise last night?

Play off Final  – Blaze beat Steelers

Shots on goal – Coventry 20 Sheffield 37 (35%)

Play off Semi Final – Blaze beat Giants

Shots on goal – Coventry 29 Belfast 41 (41%)

Play off Quarter Final in Nottingham

Shots on goal – Coventry 28 Nottingham 47 (37%)

Play off Quarter Final in Coventry

Shots on goal Coventry 36 Nottingham 42 (46%)

The only other two times last season we beat Sheffield last season?

March 1st – Blaze 36 Steelers 42 (46%)

November 29th (Under Goertzen) Coventry 29 Sheffield 54  (34%)

A team doesn’t need to just take the most amount of shots to earn the right to win a game of hockey.  It needs hard work, endeavour and guts before anything else.  Thank God, or maybe thank Weber.


(Picture credits: Scott Wiggins)

#MarchonManchester Master List

Hello people

Please click on the below link at the foot of this message…

It will confirm…

a) You or your party are booked on the coach trip

b) If you have paid

c) If you have asked me for any special requirements

d) If you have booked as a group under one name, please check nobody in your party has booked themselves or appears on their own. This would be bad news.  If that happened, I would feel like Simmsey did when Mark Thomas tripped over the blue line in April.

If you see anything that isn’t right, or missing, let me know.

This is just a master list of bookings.  This isn’t allocation of who is on which coach.  That is the next stage of the process.  Great word that.

Link below, thanks

Manchester Coach